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    6 Steps to get the perfect Christmas party

    What you need to know when planning the perfect Christmas party

    1. The Date of the Party1. The Date of the Party

    Christmas is a busy time for many people so diaries fill up quickly. Choose your date as soon as possible. Also, January is a popular time for Christmas parties especially for those working in the hospitality sector.


    2. The Venue2. The Venue

    Is the party at your work address, private home or commercial venue?

    Do you need help finding the perfect space for your party?

    Does the venue have in-house caterers, or will you need to find trusted and reliable external catering company. 


    3. The Budget of the party3. The Budget of the party

    Know how much money you have to spend as early in the process as possible so you don’t start planning something that's out of budget.


    4. What party do you want4. What sort of party do you want?

    Choose a theme for your party with popular ideas including traditional Christmas, vintage, 60s, 70s, 80s, quintessentially English, Pantomime, Circus, Chicago Jazz, Winter Wonderland, ballroom, colours, film inspired, wild west, spy, Caribbean and Santa’s workshop.

    Your budget will determine how you can theme your party.


    5. Food & Drink5. Food & Drink

    Fill their bellies with fine food, drink and cocktails and you will have very happy guests. A round of Espresso Martinis anyone?


    6. Music & Entertainment6. Music & Entertainment

    Dancing at the Christmas party is usually a must and it’s the perfect opportunity for everyone to really let their hair down. If music is key to your party then make sure it is done properly.

    Hire a DJ, musician or live band or, create a Christmas playlist to make sure you have music playing.