Below are genuine testimonials and feedback we have received from past clients on our testimonial page.

Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire

Dear Ali,
It was a great success. Once we got people on the dance floor Nigel played some fabulous music. We loved Darude, Insomnia and have some great video footage of people dancing. I hope we did not keep him too late! It was wonderful he could play until 1.30am. 
Our guests loved the music and the Castle looked fabulous. 
Charles Berkeley, Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire. October 27th 2018

Hatton Hall, Warwickshire

Hi Ali

Just to say a huge Thank you to Nigel and Simon they were totally amazing on Saturday night!!! We had a tough crowd but Nigel won and everyone was up on their feet 😂Everyone has commented on how good they were so please pass a huge thank you onto them from us 😘

Anna-Marie Panter, Hatton Hall, Warwickshire, October 20th 2018

Kingscote Barn, Gloucestershire

I wanted to follow up our wedding on Fri 12th October in which Rich Smith DJ’d for us at Kingscote Barn.

 I can’t thank Rich enough for the evening. He was simply awesome. The music was great and the party was the best we’ve ever had. The comments and feedback from our guests are still coming in, the last 30 minutes in a large group is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had!

 Can you please pass on our thanks and tell him he is the first phone call I will make in future if we have a party!

 Rich Farmer, Kingscote Barn, Gloucestershire, October 12th 2018

Babington House Hotel

Dearest Nigel,

You really made it magical and everything that we could have every wished for. I wish we could take you everywhere with us! We will never forget the dancing and how you played us out with Into The Mystic. It meant so much. I wanted to ask you if you had a photo you could send us - we would love to have our illustrator who was doing live portraits during the wedding do one for you as well as a thank you. It can be of you killing the DJ game or with your family etc. Whatever you want! Let us know. Oh! Also, if you happened to have the playlist you used for our reception and were able to send it somehow, I would die to have it and be able to play it every year on our anniversary! It would be a dream. 
Thank you again and hope to see you soon for some other celebration!

Tiff Marie Brannon xx, Babington House Hotel, Somerset. 27th September 2018