Venue Styling

Venue Decoration & Styling

We transform rooms, marquees, venues and outdoor spaces with the clever use of furniture, lighting design, drapes, canopies & props.

We decorate and style a variety of venues from hotels and marquees, private homes, barns and village halls!

Whether you want to soften down your venue with soft white drapery or totally transform your venue, we have the expertise to guide you.

Image of stretch marquee with festoon lighting and shades. A stretch marquee with festoon lighting and pink up-lighting.

Image of Light Curtains and Bannister lightingCombination of curtain lighting and banister fairy-lights with foliage.


image of a lighting canopy with festoon lighting, fairy-lighting with fire-pits close by. We created this beautiful lighting canopy for a wedding reception.

Image of Highcliffe Castle in Dorset with additional dance-floor, mood lighting, lighting canopy with shades and light curtains.Highcliffe Castle Weddings in Hampshire after STYLISH Entertainment had paid a visit!

Image of the Orangery at Babington House. Our client wanted to create a festival themed party for Rob Da Bank’s performance for 300 guests. We installed staging, drapes, trussing with moving lights & a big sound-system.


Shot from the church at Babington House, image of bush and tree lighting. We love this shot of Bush Lighting with Light and Shade Tree Lighting and Shepherds Crooks and Candles.


Image of the front of Babington House with the large bushes light. Light up the Babington Entrance with our Bush Lighting.


Image of Babington House in the summer with wedding guests and tree lighting. Daytime shot of the Light and Shade Tree Lighting at a Babington House Hotel wedding.


Image of a white traditional marquee interior Beautiful traditional marquee at the height of summer.


Image of a swimming pool setup for a party. LED furniture with a violet poseur table.


Image of LED furniture with Shisha Pipes and topiary LED Furniture hire and supply for your wedding, party or event.


Image of a circus themed party with big top, stage and dj decks We created this big top for a circus themed party at Babington House for a private party.


Image of fairy-light chains with foliage jnside a dining room with people eating We wrapped Asparagus leaves around our fairy-light canopy for this stunning effect. Wedding photography by


Image of the Orangery at Babington House with a band playing, people dancing and Mirrorball's shining. Mirrorball’s and Asparagus leaves wrapped around a fairy-light canopy. photography by

We offer a complete range of wedding and party décor ideas to decorate your venue inside and out using a combination of creative drapery, lighting design, dressings, props, furniture hire and special effects.

We have a passion for providing unique ideas that make for great talking points and wonderful memories.

Contact Us today and speak to one of our team about your party or event.

We offer our venue styling in the following areas:- Venue styling Somerset, Wiltshire, London, Devon, Bristol, Bath, Swindon, Oxford, Berkshire.