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Interested in a Zoom Party with an outstanding DJ? Birthdays, clebrations, gatherings all work really well via Zoom where you can party and interact with your friends from the comfort of your own home.

It’s certainly a good reason to get dressed up, get the cocktails out and have a great night in.

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How Does it Work

On the night of the party, the DJ will play high-quality music and moving images (1920 x 1080) via Zoom. You and your guests can connect on any device but we recommend the largest screen available and to feed the music through a loud sound-system.

Think of it as a virtual nightclub / disco, you get a few drinks in you and then have a dance. So we offer bookings for the evening which can be between 2-4 hours. If you want to add some additional features into the party – a mates legendary party piece of rapping to the full length version of Rappers Delight can also be accommodated.

We use a high tec setup which allows us to broadcast a mix of live DJ webcams, Zoom Gallery & Spotlight feature**, Video clips (this can be bespoke for a themed party – Great Gatsby as an example) Images and Giffs to enhance the visual experience.

We make everything interactive with a Zoom chat box that you can message your friends and we leave the Zoom meeting open at the end of the DJ’s set.

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