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Interested in a Zoom Party? We are fed up with this Covid and need to party. So, we set about perfecting an on-line, virtual Zoom DJ & Party experience which makes everything interactive and jolly good fun and, you can see the DJ and the DJ can see you.

It’s certainly a good reason to get dressed up, get the cocktails out and have a dance

Zoom Gallery Window

On the night of the party, the DJ will play high-quality music and moving images (1920 x 1080) via Zoom. You and your guests can connect on any device but we recommend the largest screen available and to feed the music through a loud sound-system.

Thinks of it as a virtual nightclub, you get a few drinks in you and then hit the dance-floor. So we offer bookings for the evening which can be between 3-5 hours. If you want to add some additional features into the party – a mates legendary party piece – rapping to the full length version of Rappers Delight can also be accommodated, even Bingo which is not our normal offering. The DJ takes a more interactive role with a Zoom party to pull everything together. 

We use a vision mixer which allows us to broadcast a mix of live DJ webcams, Zoom Gallery window (so you can wave to your friends), Video clips (this can be bespoke for a themed party – Great Gatsby as an example) Images and Giffs to enhance the visual experience.

We make everything interactive with a Zoom chat box that you can message your friends and the DJ – our aim is to create a memorable party under these current Covid conditions.

We can also stream to Facebook Live and Youtube however, these are passive platforms where people watch and don’t interact. 

Zoom Party DJ from Stylish Entertainment
Image from a participants IPad of STYLISH DJ from STYLISH HQ

Zoom Party and the reaction of the father!

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Virtual parties are a new experience for everyone so we suggest having a chat on the phone to discuss how it can work for you.
So don't be afraid to give us a call, it has been a tough year for everyone in entertainment and your business and interest is really appreciated.
Stay Safe.
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    We loved the party and it really made our new years eve go with a bang. The timing was perfect as well as we were ready for a fresh intake of music at 9.30pm after we'd been jigging in the kitchen to our own tunes until then. You entertained us round the firepit in our garden - perfect. Thanks so much.
    Susan Mackean