Babington House Wedding Info

Church wedding ligthing in a fan shape from the main entrance

Congratulations on booking your Babington House wedding, you have chosen the best venue in the UK to get married – in my opinion. Since 2003 when I played my first DJ set at a Babington wedding, I have seen many things – some beautiful, some tear-jerking and some odd!

To assist you with your planning and understanding of how weddings generally flow at Babington, I have offered my thoughts below on the different areas of the site which I hope you find useful.

DJ Nige

The bar

The Babington bar is an excellent space for a party and can hold more people than you think. On New Years Eve we have over 200 celebrating at midnight and it’s an amazing atmosphere. 

If you are opting for a solo DJ with decks, sound-system and lighting, the small tables are removed along with the easy chairs to create a good-sized dance-floor.

When a band and DJ are used you will lose some of the bar sofas. Once removed they do not go back into the bar until the following morning, which means, there are no comfy spaces to sit and watch the dancing or, for any after hours activity. 

Babington House Bar with DJ and Band Setup in the Summer
Babington Bar with DJ and Band Setup Summer. Note Gold DJ booth.
Babington House Bar with mood lighting and DJ lighting.
Bar with DJ setup to the side, dance-floor lighting in window bay, tables and chairs removed. 
Bride & Groom on the Babington bar
Dancing on the bar is a must for any new happy couple.
Winter wedding with DJ Nige setup on the left and a live act that took a lot of space!
DJ Nige dance-floor lighting
DJ Nige standard dance-floor lighting.
Babingotn House Bar with Sax Player
Add a Sax player to the DJ set, jams along to the DJ and gets stuck into the crowd and blows that Sax.

Bar Terrace

The bar terrace is a great space for summer weddings, it’s linked to the bar so you can hear and interact with the music but enjoy a cigar around a table with your friends and family. 

There is no lighting permanently installed and it can be very dark if there is no moon. You are allocated money for lighting from your wedding package and we can happily advise if you are undecided what will work for you. Below are some options that are tried and tested, we can also create bespoke lighting to your requirements and brief. 

Light and Shade
Babingotn House Wedding tree lighting.
We call this Light and Shade Tree lighting and it's installed on the large pine tree on the bar terrace. Great for Insta shots. We have had it described as Iconic (not by us)!
Wedding Lighting from Stylish Entertainment
A stunning shot from Brett Harkness Photography of our Light and Shade Tree Lighting
LED Spheres
LED Spheres on the bar terrace at Babington House
Beautiful LED spheres hung in the Pine Tree. Practically invisible during the day, once dusk falls they really add drama to the already beautiful tree

Chill Out Camp
wedding lighting rental

Linking the Bar this lighting installation uses vintage Edison festoon lighting wrapped in fairy-lights. The Edison is dimmable so that the bar and bar terrace work in unison to create a magical atmosphere. Below is a drone shot showing the width of the lighting.

Babington House Wedding Bar Terrrace Lighting from Stylish Entertainment
A drone shot of our Chill Out Camp with 6 fire-pits and fairy-light and festoon lighting
Free standing bar terrace canopy
Free standing lighting canopy with white shades at Babington House.
Free standing lighting canopy with optional white shades.
Free Standing Lighting Canopy at Babington House Hotel
Free standing lighting canopy of festoon and fairy-lights. Fire-pits optional!
Edison Vintage Tree Lighting
Outdoor Wedding Lighting
Vintage Edison Bulbs and a beautiful bride and bride.

Front of House

During the months where the bar tearrace is unavailable (October – April generally) The front of the house plays a more important role. Any smokers in the group will gravitate outside on the main turning circle. The view is towards the church, drive and the front of house. 

Babingotn House Wedding fairy-lights in the bushes
Fairies in the bushes with Babington's permanently installed lighting.
Front of Babington House with bush lighting.
We call these Fairies in the bushes and they help to illuminate the entrance and turning circle. Great for Insta shots.
Wedding venue lighting at night
We love this Ria Mishaal shot of bush lighting, tree lighting and shepherds crooks and candles.
Church wedding ligthing in a fan shape from the main entrance
Babington House church fairy lighting in a fan shape for a winter's wedding
Wedding Lighting Hire from Stylish Entertainment
A full fairy-light walkway to the church, creates a lovely tunnel effect.
Babingotn House Wedding Christmas Lighting
A Fairy-light Christmas Tree with Church walkway

Croquet Lawn

An undersued space (in my opinion) but can be used for some fun for kids and kidults! If you are into Alfresco dining, it’s a lovely experience for your family and firends. 

Babington House wedding with Alfreso Summer dining
Daytime shot of the croquest lawn laid up for dinner with our festoon lighting canopy on free standing poles.
Alfresco dining at Babingotn House nightime.
After the Al fresco feast, glad I didn't have to clear up!
Outdoor festoon lights for hire
Dodgems with a festoon lighting chain for that Festival vibe
Alfresco party lighting for outdoor dining
Another Alfresco Idea with festoon lighting in the Oak tree.
Croquet Lawn Carousel
The boys are back in the country on their carousel!

The Orangery

One of the finest dining rooms in the whole world! The Orangery does not need much as it’s already stunning but to make it more sparkly for a wedding we often install lighting for winter and autumn weddings. 

Babingotn House Wedding breakfast in the Orangery with fairy-light canopy from Stylish Entertainment.
A V shaped fairy-light canopy running into the apex of an atrium
Wedding venue lighting design
Daytime shot of the Orangery Canopy with Flower Balls from Passion and Stylish fairy-light canopy.
Image of the Orangery at Babington House set for a party
LED Up-lighting, Fairy-Light Canopy and Dance-floor Lighting from STYLISH Entertainment.
Babington House Wedding night party
We added mirror-balls, LED Up-lighting, fairy-light canopy and Asparagus to this dining room.
Zig Zag fairy-light canopy with shades.
Zig Zag fairy-light canopy with shades.

Walled Garden

Often used for pre-wedding BBQ’s on a Wednesday night, the walled garden is a delightful area during the summer. A well loved and tended garden with an abundance of flowers, vegetables & apple trees in a Soho House style. We offer a lighting canopy that covers the dining tables, BBQ and bar. In addiiton to lighting we often supply a PA with microphone for welcome speeches and music playback. 

Image of a fairy light canopy installed in a waled garden.
This fairy light canopy can be created in any space using free standing supports. Stunning all times of the year.
Walled Garden Shades no lighting for a ceremony
Walled Gadren at Babington House with a shade canopy for a ceremony.
Fairy-light canopy in a walled garden during the day time
Fairy-light canopy in a walled garden during the early evening for Alfrsco dining.


Image of a lady talking to giant Kangaroos with Dodgems in the background.
Croquet Lawn with Giant Kangaroos and Dodgems
String Lighting for Weddings with a Floral wrap
We wrapped Asparagus leaves around our fairy-light canopy for this stunning effect.
DJ Nige from STYLISH Entertainment
Babington House Wedding DJ Nige with Sax Player in the Bar
Pianist for weddings at Babington House.
Pianist and singer John for 60 minute cocktail set.
bride and groom dancing with confetti cannon explosion
Confetti cannons during a first dance with dance-floor lighting at a Babington House Wedding.
DJ Nige in the bar at Babington House Hotel in Somerset.
A full dancefloor early evening at Babington House.